The King of Lions: Tiktoker Auka Got Ksh. 625,000 Via Tiktok Gifts on His Birthday.

Tiktok is indeed emerging as one of the well paying social media platforms in Kenya , kenyans have impressed it, and it is really changing the lives of many young youths, who have found ways of making money on the platform.

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The lion gift has been one of the most valued gifts in Kenya and quite a good number of tiktokers have been receiving it. One of the tiktokers who is in the list of the tiktokers who have received highest number of gifts is Auka.

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Auka is known as the prime minister of Kenyan tiktok. He is less controversial, hence he has been receiving much love from his fans, therefore they decided to surprise him on his birthday.

The young man in less than one hour, he received over 30 lions, and 5 universe gifts and other gifts such as roses, whales and many more others.

The King of Lions: Tiktoker Auka Got Ksh. 625,000 Via Tiktok Gifts on His Birthday.

Currently in kenya, one lion withdrawn from tiktok is estimated to be ksh.17,000 and one universe is ksh.23,000. This is after all the transactions cost plus tiktok share have been cut.

Therefore from lions , this young man made ksh.510,000 and from universe he made ksh.115,000 that is a total of ksh.625,000. That is the estimated amount he received, remember we haven’t included other gifts, so the money is more than that. Kenyans indeed made his birthday very special.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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