Willy Paul: Why I Quitted Gospel Music and  Going To Church.

Willy Paul was once the face of the gospel music industry in Kenya, he was very talented and a born again christian. His influence in gospel made church something else, because during that period alot of youths joined church, and Gospel music was above secular music in Kenya.

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However in 2016 Willy Paul slowly started to change and this was the beginning of his exit to gospel. He had no any other remaining option, hence after 2018, he officially ditched the gospel music, and started doing secular and he really became successful in the genre.

Speaking in an interview with Willy Tuva, Willy Paul said that gospel music was full of hypocrites, and there were forces that never wanted him to success. Some  bishops and men of God could invite him for shows and fail to pay him. It was difficult to be an artist in such an environment, and due to jealousy that almost led him to committing suicide, he decided to quit and joined secular.

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Willy said that he also said goodbye to Church and for 6 years he only attended church once in 2024. He said that his relationship with God will never change, and that is why he keeps on blessing him. He said that he has his spiritual father and he is still faithful to Go, he never abuses drugs he is just living his life and doing what is good for him.

Willy Paul

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