A Kenyan Female University Student Reveals How She Makes Millions of Money Through Selling Rosecoco Online.(video)

Kenyan university student making good money through selling Rosecoco online.

A Kenyan university student has gone viral after confessing how she makes a living through selling nudes online. Speaking through an interview with Reyo Tv , the lady decided to let the cat out of the bag and said everything about selling nudes online.

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Her name was hidden and also her face was hidden. The lady said that she come from a poor background. Her mother struggled to school her by doing laundry jobs for people. By good luck she passed her KCSE exams and managed to get a scholarship.

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She joined one of the best universities in Kenya. However getting upkeep money, and money to maintain herself, look smart became a challenge. So she decided to ask one of her girlfriends how she manages to wear latest fashion and also fund her lifestyle.

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Her friend told her it is through selling nudes to the whites via special online applications. She was introduced into the business and for real it changed her life. The lady said that the business is paying her very well . She is now able to send her mother money at home and also pay school fees for her siblings.

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She said that she usually receives a very good amount of money via PayPal after selling the nudes. She is now living a lavish lifestyle and she doesn’t regret making that choice.She said that her current lifestyle is amazing and she is cool with it .

Sources have revealed that most of the ladies who sell their nudes online, usually earn upto ksh.100,000 per month.

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