Club Hostess: How Ladies are Earning Upto Ksh.50,000 per Night in Nairobi

How Club hostess in Nairobi Earn upto ksh 50,000 per night.

We are living in a generation where Alcohol and club partying has become a normal activity. Majority of people love partying. Club Hostess has become a very lucrative job because clubs majority of clubs in Nairobi have decided to invest in attracting customers.

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Remember the main aim of any business is to make profit. For a club to make profit it must be famous. Beautiful ladies and hiring famous Djs together with bringing famous artists are the main ways of promoting club business.

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In Nairobi there are alot of perverts, especially men and to attract them, majority of clubs have invested in hiring club Hostess.The ladies are usually beautiful , curvy and always wear revealing clothes to attract customers.

A good number of clubs have VIP sections. Here the hostess usually takes care of the VIP, security is well guaranteed. The VIP spends quality time with her as he enjoys drinks. This quality services motivate a patron to come over and over again to the club.

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For this Club hostess to deliver quality services and keep on enticing the VIPs and other customers , they have to be paid handsomely. The hostess who take care of VIPs and have quality time with them, earn upto ksh.50,000 per night. For strippers , they earn upto ksh.30,000 per night.

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