Jalang’o Cars : See a ksh. 7 Million BMW M5 2021 Owned by Jalang’o.(Video).

Jalang'o Cars.


Jalang’o can’t miss in the list of Kenyan celebrities with sleek expensive Cars. Jalang’o Cars are worth millions of money and he is used to driving heavy machines.

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In an interview with 2mbili TV, Jalang’o decided to unveil his latest machine which isa BMW M5 and tell Kenyans everything about his car. One thing people should know is that Jalang’o Cars are a Multimillion car collection.

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About BMW M5 2021

Jalang’o said that it is a sports utilised car with a V8 engine. He said that it consumes fuel just like V8 because it is a 5 litre car.

Jalang'o Cars
Jalang’o Cars: Jalang’o beside his BMW M5 2021, worth ksh. 7 Million.

Jalang’o cars are usually imported. He said it is among his favourite cars and he bought it last year. It is an original import and he bought it directly from the company at ksh. 7 Million .  Jalang’o said that the highest speed of his car is 260 kph but it also has a turbo engine of 480 kph.

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Overview : Interior and Exterior of the car

He showed the interior and also clearly explained how he oparates the car because it is highly computerised hence it needs total attention and a driver who is very keen. Jalang’o Cars are almost all automatic.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube. (courtesy of 2mbili Tv).

How Eli and Litiema Robbed his money from Jalang’o Cars.

Jalang’o revealed that this is the same car that his trusted employees Eli and Litiema robbed him a huge amount of money from, he even showed the places where he had kept the money.

Jalang’o said that he is a lover of sports cars amd he has more cars that he will again show Kenyans the overview of the cars.

Here is just a brief description of BMW m5 and why it is a good car.

Bmw M5 has High Crazy-quick acceleration, enthusiast-oriented rear-wheel-drive mode, luscious interior. Lows Exterior styling lacks drama, AMG E63 S has a racier soundtrack, some other M cars are more engaging. Verdict The M5 is an icon among sports sedans, and this generation’s outrageous performance preserves that legacy.


Jalang’o Cars are very expensive and among his collection, the latest car is BMW M5 2021 latest model worth ksh. 7 Million. He also owns other cars such as V8, Mercedes Slk and Discovery.

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