Zari Opens up on Doing Plastic Surgery.

Zari's plastic Surgery

Zari Opens up on Doing Plastic Surgery.

Zari Hassan has finally  decided to come out openly and talk about  the only plastic surgery she did. Zari has been trending online because of her good looks despite being 41 years and most of the ladies and netizens have been claiming that she did a plastic surgery to make her skin look younger.

Speaking in an interview with online media in Tanzania, Zari the boss lady said that everyone is free to choose what she or he wants. We all want to look cute and beautiful, and if you have money then why not use that money for your health and beauty. Plastic surgery is expensive and only rich ladies can afford it, Zari said people are hating much because they can’t afford it.

Zari said that the only surgery that she has ever done is the tummy surgery. She did it so that she can remove the baby fats and her tummy can be flat and look amazing the way she wants.

Zari said that she has never done any other surgery, her skin is natural and glowing because she knows how to maintain herself as a lady. She said she has money and she usually spends money on maintaining her good looks and making sure she is glowing.

Zari said she is aware of the hatred but what she knows  is that she is true and she never fakes her life. Zari said that she is also happily loved and she is seeing herself getting married to her new young teen boyfriend.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube

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