Is she A Lesbian?,Curvy Njoki Murira Adds LGBTQ Rainbow Sign on her Tiktok Profile.

Is Njoki Murira a Lesbian?

Njoki Murira is one of the most famous Kenyan tiktokers and content creators. She is very beautiful and her curvy shape , with big nyash have been giving alot of Kenyan men sleepless nights.

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She went viral because of shaking her nyash and showing it off to the public. Most men love ladies with big behinds and curvy shape.This has given her advantage and helped her to gain more followers on her social media pages.

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However after hitting 1 Million followers on Tiktok, Njoki Murira added an LGBTQ sign, which is rainbow colours, on her profile. This is a common flag for people who are either lesbians or gay or bisexual.

Njoki Murira
Njoki Murira Tiktok Profile with LGBTQ Flag

The sign has raised concern among many Kenyans and especially men who have been crushing on her. Some think that she might be a lesbian because she has never even introduced her boyfriend online, despite being famous.

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Murira herself has never come out openly to the public to reveal her sexuality. So most people are still in dilemma and waiting for her to explain why she added the LGBTQ Society flag on her profile.

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