Emotional Onsongo Comedian: I Made Nicholas Kioko Famous and Now He Has Dumped Me.

Onsongo Comedian Opens Up on His Relationship With Nicholas Kioko.

Onsongo Comedian is one of the people that have played a very huge role, in making youtuber and content creator Nicholas Kioko Famous.

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The young comedian who is 11 years , in 2021 did an interview with Nicholas Kioko , and because of his fame and how he was responding to questions, the video went viral.

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It was a life-changing video for Kioko, because his YouTube channel gained alot of followers, and he started gaining fame. Since then the life of  Kioko started changing and he even used to call himself ‘Kijana ya Onsongo.

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However after becoming a big brand, and making millions of money from YouTube, even buying a car. Nicholas Kioko completely abandoned Onsongo Comedian.

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Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya, Onsongo said that he feels bad that Nicholas has dumped him, yet he was his breakthrough. Onsongo said that Kioko never calls him and he has even never done shopping or appreciated him for making him famous.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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