” Ni Uongo Hakupata Marks 401 KCPE” Nuru Okanga Exposed By His Teacher.

Azimio la umoja top supporter Nuru Okanga went viral on all social media platforms, especially on twitter, after he claimed that he has emerged among the top students in KCPE 2023. Okanga said that he had scored 401 marks in that exam .

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The aspiring politician bragged online and said that the exam was very easy, and the only option he had,was for him to pass the exams with flying colours, which he did, and he is now waiting for selection, where he is hoping to join Alliance Boys.

However a man claiming to be the teacher of the primary school, where Okanga said that he did his KCPE exams, that is Mumias Muslim Primary School, has come out openly to reveal the truth.

Speaking in an interview, the teacher said that, Nuru Okanga, didn’t score the marks he is claiming to have attained. He said that as a school they are not aware of such a performance from Okanga, he is just doing showbiz and lying to kenyans.

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The teacher said that Okanga didn’t attain any lesson, and he has no any capability of scoring such marks. For them the results are out and Okanga is no where near to 400 marks, he is deceiving kenyans with lies. They should understand that he is a politician and going viral is part of his scheme of becoming more famous.

Click the link below to watch full video on Instagram.

Nuru Okanga said that he did KCPE , because his main aim is to become an MCA of his constituency. The 32 years old is also optimistic on achieving his set goal, which is becoming a lawyer when he grows up.

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