“IF justice Isn’t Served, Tutarusha DJ Fatxo Kutoka Kwa Ghorofa Pia Yeye Akufe Kama Jeff “

The story of Jeff Mwathi is still on the trend. I month down, the family is still crying for justice. DJ Fatxo and all the other linked suspect to the murder of the 23 years old interior designer, are still walking out freely despite the homicide team revealed that Jeff was murdered and not suicide as it was alleged.

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Protesters led by Peter Kioi who has been at the forefront in the fight for justice for jeff, have vowed that they will not give up, till justice is served. Peter said that there is someone who is behind the whole story, that is why the DCI team isn’t that active on the issue of Jeff.

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He even compared the case of Jeff with other murder cases that have happened, and it is only in Jeffs case where the key suspects led by Dj Fatxo are still freely walking in the streets.

Peter and the whole crew said that if Justice isn’t served by the justice system then it will be served by hands. Hence they will take one of the key suspects and throw him from 12th floor of an apartment, so that he can feel the pain Jeff felt .

” Pia sisi tutachukua one of the key suspects, (who is Dj Fatxo in this case), na tumrushe kutoka 12th floor ya Ghorofa pia yeye Akufe uchungu venye Jeff alisikia”

The protesters have vowed to continue with demonstration , and they are really praying for justice to be served as soon as possible and Dj Fatxo together with the other suspects to be prosecuted in the court of law and jailed.

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