Pesa Sabuni: Photos of ‘Mapengo’ Huddah Monroe Before Fame and Money.

Famous socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe, is one of the celebrities who have rose from grass to grace. She literally struggled her way up, and through her hardwork and God’s grace Huddah changed his lifestyle. Before Fame she was a very different person.

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In one of the video of Huddah Monroe that was taken back then, when she was not wealthy and famous as she is, Huddah was missing some of her front teeth.( Mapengo).

Here are the photos of Huddah Before fame.

Huddah Monroe Before Fame
Toothless Huddah Monroe Before Fame

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Other photos

Huddah Monroe Before Fame

Huddah Monroe Before Fame

However  things kept on changing , as the socialite continued to appear to the limelight Huddah Monroe gained her fame after Big Brother 8 show in South Africa. Despite being eliminated earlier, after she got 2/15 votes, she admitted that the show changed her life completely and made her famous.

“I was the first to be eliminated but forever to make money. But didn’t mean I was the first to fail in life. Instead, I stay winning. Competitions don’t determine who you are in life. It just competing thats it. It is not a manual to the rest of your life.”

After the show Huddah became a big deal in Kenya and she started hanging out with Famous celebrities. Prezzo used to be her boyfriend and she also played a very huge role in making her famous. Year by year her social media numbers kept on increasing and after a while she became a top notch socialite.

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Huddah used her fame very well and she started her own cosmetic brand. Huddah cosmetic is among the top beauty brands in Kenya and it has played a huge role in making Huddah a millionaire.

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She lives a very wealthy lifestyle in one of the leafy suburbs in Nairobi. Huddah drives expensive cars and she is an independent woman who depends on her own money.

Here are some of her photos after fame and Money.

Huddah Monroe After fame

Huddah Monroe after fame Huddah Monroe is a true reflection of hardwork pays and there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

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