” I Will Take Full Responsibility” Krg The Don Responds to His Alleged Daughter.

Krg The Don respond to his alleged daughter

Kenyan controversial celebrity and self proclaimed billionaire Krg The Don, decided to break the silence and responded to the viral videos of a woman who claimed that she gave birth with him, and Krg neglected their baby. The woman claimed that Krg is a deadbeat father.

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Yvonne Njoki’s mother said that her daughter Yvonne is 19 years and she has been struggling to raise her alone, because Krg the Don dumped her, and has never reached out at her to see how their child is living.

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Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don said that he won’t make any judgement now, he just want to meet the woman, they will follow all the processes, and finally the truth will be revealed.

Krg The Don responds to his alleged daughter
Krg The Don responds to his alleged daughter

Krg said that there are some parts of the woman’s story that are true and others are false, so they will just have to talk like adults. In addition to this Krg the Don said whether Yvonne is his daughter or not, he will take full responsibility and make sure that she has gone to school and all her fees is paid.

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He said that he is ready to assist her, and also support her mother. He has alot of wealth, and if it comes out that it is true that Yvonne is his daughter, the he will apologise publicly and also take good care of her. He is very much ready to assist them . The singer ruled out the DNA suggestions and said this matter will be solved amicably and the truth will come out.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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