“I Will Die in February!! ” Pastor Ezekiel Deliver Sad News To His Church Members After Saying This

Pastor Ezekiel Odero, known for leading the New Life church in Mavueni, Kilifi county, delivered a startling message to his congregation recently. During a service, he revealed that he had received a divine warning predicting his death in February. This revelation, shared only with his wife, sparked deep reflection and urgency among the 40,000 attendees at the mega church.

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Ezekiel emphasized God’s omnipotence, stating that divine knowledge extends to the details of human life, including birth and death dates. He drew a parallel to Esther’s courage in the Bible, urging his followers to confront societal issues, particularly youth violence driven by distorted ideas of love.

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He lamented the violence, attributing it to demonic forces trying to thwart God’s plan. To prevent his predicted death, Ezekiel called for fervent prayer, asking for divine intervention against the adversary’s plans.

His revelation prompted introspection and spiritual vigilance, encouraging the faithful to reevaluate their priorities and strengthen their spiritual defenses. Ezekiel’s unwavering faith inspired his followers to trust in God’s protection and stand firm against destruction.

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His message reminded the congregation of life’s fragility and the importance of remaining steadfast. The New Life church now stands as a symbol of hope and resilience, urging members to unite in prayer and solidarity against the threat of death, armed with faith and determination.

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