Karen Nyamu: I’m Attracted To Young Married Men

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and also nominated senator , Karen Nyamu finally decided to publicly admit that she is secretly attracted to young married men.

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This is after she shared a meme on her official Instagram page, and reacted to it in a way that she agrees that she is always attracted to married men.
This is also evident in her life, because when she met Samidoh , he was married and enjoying his marriage life with , his long term wife Edday. The two were making moves and their relationship was stronger.

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However Karen Nyamu came in and destroyed everything. She went on and got two children with Samidoh, and the marriage started to get full of scandals.
Edday Nderitu felt disrespected by Samidoh, and she decided to relocate to USA. She settled and started a new life. Together with her children ,she got a good job, she has a house and the children are enjoying life.

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Samidoh remained with Karen Nyamu in Kenya, and the couple are also enjoying good life, and they are living together. Things are cool, Samidoh and Edday co-parent and Nyamu on the other hand has no marriage scandals.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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