Devine Collections Owner Mercy Reveals How she Started the Multimillion Brand with ksh. 5000.

The story of Mercy Maluli, CEO Devine Collections.


From grass to grace the former Mitumba seller, Devine Collections Owner, Mercy Maluli is now a big brand that has been dressing celebrities and prominent people in the country. Mercy dreamt one day of being in a billboard and now the billboards of her brand are all over the major cities. She begun the journey to success with only ksh. 5000.

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Speaking in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the Devine Collections Owner who is currently a single mother and a millionaire. Revealed that the journey of making the famous devine collection hasn’t been that easy. Mercy said that it has been full of challenges and a lot of giving up and waking up again.

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Mercy Maluli said that she generally loves fashion and she started doing clothes business while she was in university where she bought her 1st stock for ksh. 5000 and made a profit of 5000. Since then she started to act as a broker of clothes as she make profit and also make customers.

After finishing campus,The Devine Collections Owner had accumulated alot of money and she decided to move from Mirema drive to Ngara, and them hired a shop at Nairobi Cbd. The monthly rent of her shop was ksh. 20,000 but this didn’t give her any difficulties because she used to make upto ksh. 60,000 to 100,000 per month.

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While at Cbd, she managed to grow and even started to go and bring clothes from Dubai by herself, and the business was thriving. However it suddenly collapsed after conceiving the 1st pregnancy and gave birth. During that period she had to give alot of attention to her son, and her workers at the shop were stealing from her and made her business collapse.

The Devine Collections Owner said this was the most difficult point in her life because she had pending loans and her business had collapsed completely. So she decided to relocate from a bungalow to a smaller house in one of the Nairobi streets and sold her car to pay loan and atleast restart again her business.

Mercy Maluli, CEO Devine Collections

She said her friends were mocking her and looked down upon her as a failure but she didn’t give up, she took a loan again and started from the scratch and this time round she was very much determined. Mercy said that she literally didn’t have sleep even while having the pregnancy of her second son she used to do deliveries till the maternity day.

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She upgraded and moved to Lavington area, the profit started coming and that is how she managed to get enough money and hired the place for Devine Collections and made it a brand. However the bigger problem was marketing.

During the covid 19 period, her friend introduced her to Jalang’o, they became friends and Jalang’o decided to market her brand for free as she dresses him. She thanked Jalang’o and other social media influencers and celebrities such as Robert Burale for making her brand famous.

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The Devine Collections Owner said that she is now making profits of millions and she has plans of going international this year and very soon her branches will be all over Kenya and the world. That is the inspiring story of Mercy Maluli, the CEO of Devine Collections.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Lynn Ngugi).

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