K24 Presenter Chris da bass : I Sometimes twatwa with my wife in our Ksh. 2.5 Million Car.

Chris Da bass opens up on enjoying conjugal rights with her wife inside their car.


One of the most famous media personality at media max company Chris Da Bass, has opened up on enjoying conjugal rights with his wife inside their car.


Chris Da Bass is famous k24 and Milele fm presenter. He has finally come out to reveal to the public, some of their private secrets  he does with his wife in his 2.5 Million Mazda Cx 5.Chris admitted that ‘twa twa’ in the car is acceptable for married couples.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili on the famous celeb ride show. Chris Da Bass said that he has been in the marriage life for 10 years. Hence he has a very strong family and also a very strong bond with his wife.

Chris said that there love is strong and sometimes when they feel like they want to make merry and they are inside their car, then they usually do it because they are legally married.

To prove it is true Chris Da Bass went ahead and narrated how they had a thing with his wife at Tsavo National Park inside their car.

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Chris said they had to do it because feelings were high and that is the beauty of life.He even went to an extend of calling her wife jokingly.  reminded her of the moments. Chris Da Bass said the only thing that is illegal it is

fornication but when a person has tied knots he or she is free to make merry with their loved ones at any place as long as it is safe for them. He said he loves his wife very much and he also loves good vibes.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube. Click Here

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