” I Need Security, Walisema Watachukua Pesa Zote” Chira’s Shosh Exposes BabaTalisha and His Girlfriend.

Brian Chira’s grandmother decided to finally open up on what has been happening behind the scenes. After Kenyans managed to raise ksh.8 Million to support the burial of Chira , through the help of Baba Talisha, who spent sleepless nights urging people to contribute, Chira’s grandmother decided to expose him and his girlfriend.

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According to the grandmother, since the money landed into the accounts, Baba Talisha and his girlfriend identified as Brenda Wanjiku have been controlling her. To an extent that her phone was taken away from her for about 3 weeks.
They were the ones making decisions on her behalf and paying things. Her work was just to take her to go and withdraw money. Shosh said that everything was done by Baba T and Wanjiku and she was limited and told not to speak to some people.

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When she shared some information with Obidan Dela, Shosh said that Wanjiku and Baba T called her and told her the money belongs to the public and they can take it all from the accounts. She said that they threatened to take the money and leave her with nothing because they have the pins of all the accounts.

Shosh said that she needs security because after the expose, she fears of her life, but atleast she has let everything out of her heart and that is nothing but the truth.

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