Baba Talisha Taking Chira’s Shosh To Court

Baba Talisha finally decided to open up on the viral story of him together with Brenda  Wanjiku whom Chiras Shosh said that is the girlfriend to Baba Talisha, were badly exposed of misusing and taking Brian Chira’s money that was contributed by the public to support the family.

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Through his tiktok account, Baba Talisha posted a video and captioned that  she can’t and will never insult or talk bad about older people. He said that she respects Chiras grandmother very much and for him did everything with pure intentions.

Baba Talisha Taking 74 Yrs Old Chira’s Shosh To Court  For Accusing Him of Stealing Chira’s Contributions.

Baba Talisha said that sometimes people are ungrateful after being helped and that is the nature of life, but very soon the truth will come out, and it will shock everyone. He seemed to be calm, and maybe very soon he will respond to all the accusations because they are very sensitive, and they are things that can really bring him down.

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After posting that Baba Talisha went on and did live with several tiktokers. He said that everything Shosh was saying was lies, and he has all the documents and he will sue Shosh for all the accusations made towards him. He is ready to pay the lawyer any amount of money to make sure justice is well served.
Here is the tiktok video.

We hope they will solve everything amicably and the solution to all the things that are emerging Will be found and also Chira will find justice whether if he was killed or it was an accident.

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