Health : Deadly STI Transmitted Despite Wearing Cond*ms

STI Transmitted Despite Wearing Condoms.


Condoms are very vital and among the safe waya of preventing unwanted pregnancy and also reducing the chances of one contracting or transmitting most of the common Sexually transmitted infections.

However  there are some of the STDs that cannot be prevented by Using contraceptives, and maybe it only offers just a small percentage of protection against them.

Aside from preventing unplanned and early conception, the basic use of condom is to reduce chances of one getting and transmitting pathogens that cause sexually transmitted infections among partners. The main reason is because there are some of the STIs aren’t only spread via the sexual fluids only.

Here are the infections :

1. Human Papilloma Virus.
This is one of the common STI in the world and chances of sex addicts contracting it are always very high. This virus can be transmitted through skin to skin contacts and it usually leads to cervical cancer. So even if you use protection during the act, and you are doing it with the person who has the virus, chances of you contracting are higher.

It is a very dangerous virus, and this virus usually eats the entire private parts, so if anyone has herpes on the uncovered private parts, then he or she will definitely infect you with the virus.
Most gynaecologist have been always recommended people who are suffering from the virus to strictly abstain from sex so that they can stop spreading the virus. The virus is treatable at early stages and their are no visible signs of the virus during this stage so it can still be transmitted without anyone knowing.

Syphilis is also among the deadly STIS


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