” Huyo Akothee Hanifikii Kwa Utajiri Hata Kidogo, Nimeacha Ajibizane na Krg Huko” Jaguar.

Jaguar Vs Akothee

The beef between Akothee and CAS Jaguar is getting steamy and messy daily. No one between the two is ready to give in . The two have been throwing shade at each other publicly.

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It all started with Jaguar, who publicly said that he is much wealthy than Akothee, and if it is true that Akothee is richer than him, then he will quit the music industry and retire from his CAS work and get another life.

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The words were so choking, Akothee couldn’t hold it, she decided to attack him by writing long paragraphs on her social media pages. She claimed that Jaguar is among people who are bragging with money from taxpayers. She said that she is wealthier than him, and she can’t be compared to him.

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During an interview on Radio Maisha, Jaguar insisted that he is much wealthier than Akothee, and it will take years for Akothee to accumulate the wealth that he currently has. He said that he doesn’t have time to be always fighting back with Akothee.

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Jaguar said that he has now left Krg The Don to fight with Akothee, for him he knows that he is very richer than her. He even insisted the statement that was made by Krg The Don concerning Akothee’s wealth. Krg said that Akothee is only rich is her village. She can’t be compared to a person who owns a mansion in Nairobi.

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