Karen Nyamu: I make more money Than Samidoh .

One of the most famous senator and celebrity Karen Nyamu, caused stir online, after she decided to open up on her relationship with Samidoh, and how to make marriage life work well.

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Karen and Samidoh have been together for about 4 years, In a previous interview with Jalang’o, Karen said that she first met Samidoh in 2019 , and that is how there relationship started.
The senator said that the secret why their relationship has lasted long, is because she is a very respectful woman.

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She knows that the husband is supposed to be the head of the house.
After arguing with men in Senate, immediately she enters the house, she changes to a wife, and she humbles before Samidoh. She usually cooks for him, and perform her duties as a wife.

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Karen said that Women should stop the nonsense of being independent women, it is among things that make relationships not to work. She said that she makes more money, but as a wife, she usually let Samidoh perform his duties as a husband.

She said some things like hair , nails and even clothes, she most times let her husband Samidoh do it for her. She said that marriage life should be like that, a man should be respected and allowed to play his roles, a woman should also make her man feel worth and be very submissive.

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