Krg The Don: My Lastborn Son Is Richer Than Harmonize, Hata Nilale Miaka Kumi Hakuna Msani Tanzania Atawai Nishinda Hela.

Krg The Don vs Harmonize

Kenyan dancehall artist and successful entrepreneur Krg The Don, has joined the list of Kenyan celebrities who are trolling and downgrading Tanzanian musicians and their music industry.

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Speaking in an interview with Spm Buzz, Krg the Don begun hitting out at Tanzanian Industry by downgrading Harmonize. This is after Harmonize claimed that he is wealthy and successful at his younger age.

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Krg The Don said that when it comes to richness, his young son Naem is very wealthy as compared to Harmonize. Krg the Don said that he owns properties worth Multimillion dollars, which when converted into Tanzanian money, it can fund the whole of Tanzanian artists lifestyle.

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The singer said that the cars that Harmonize flaunts online, they are illegally obtained from South Africa, because they can’t manage to import new ones from abroad. The currency of Tanzania has very low value compared to a dollar, making it hard for them to import expensive cars that Kenyans import.

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Krg went on and mocked the whole music industry of Tanzania by saying that , even if he sleeps for 10 years, without doing anything, their is no Tanzanian musician who will beat his wealth.

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He said that the only thing that Tanzanian artists know it is branding and clout chasing. In Tanzania they look rich, but when they come in Kenya they are just like others, they can’t match his standards. He is a very successful business mogul and in one year time, he will be the richest musician in Africa.

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