Aibu Kubwa! Nairobi Tiktokers Fight For Food At Baba Mona’s Funeral

Drama rose between famous Nairobi tiktokers who had gone to attend the funeral of one of their own Baba Mona , who was involved in a fatal road accident.

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According to the video that has gone viral online, it has been alleged that, the tiktokers who were led by Alego, arrived at Baba Mona’s homestead and because they were hungry, and they had ate nothing on their journey from Nairobi to Nyanza, they requested for food.

According to Mtumbaman, who was a close friend of Baba Mona and also a tiktoker, this wasn’t a good behaviour, he went on and confronted them. He told them that they were showing off and that wasn’t a good behaviour. Sources have revealed that there was ultercation and exchange of steamy words between the tiktokers.

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Mtumbaman decided to do a live on Tiktok, Alego joined the live and she started confronting him live. The whole argument was about food, she told Mtumbaman that he did bad to insult tiktokers yet they were very hungry. Alego was fuming to an extend that she was insulting Mtumbaman.

In addition to this, it has also been alleged that during the ultercation and hot arguments , a number of tiktokers were drunk, which is also a very bad impression.

This is just shameful to Nairobi Tiktokers, they had done everything right but this issue might make all their good deeds forgotten by Kenyans who have been praising them for standing with Baba Mona.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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