Mapenzi Matamu! This is What Happened to 2 Busia Men Who Exchanged Their Wives.

The story of the two Busia Men who exchanged their wives, was a topic in the country sometime back. This was something unsual in Kenya, and many netizens were shocked by the acts of the two men, who just legally decided to switch their wives.

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Afrimax English decided to visit the family of the two, to check on how they are progressing with life and if things are still okay. Christopher and Kevin Baraza decided to switch their wives due to several reasons.
According to Christopher, he allowed his wife Immaculate Nekesa to get married to Kevin Baraza, because she had odd behaviours and she was also inlove with Baraza, Baraza was just her type.

On the other hand , Baraza decided to let her wife Lilian Weta to be married by Christopher because she was in love with him and she felt that Baraza wasn’t her ideal man. They were not living in peace because Baraza had brought a 2nd wife, so she decided to live with Christopher because that is where she found her peace of mind.

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The case was taken at the police station because Immaculate had escaped away with Christopher’s documents. At the station the two men agreed to exchange their wives and it was an amicable solution.

Busia men who exchanged their wives
Busia men who exchanged their wives 🙁 From left: Christopher , Lilian weta, Immaculate Nekesa, Kevin Baraza).

Christopher and his new wife Lilian Weta started living a very peaceful life , on the other hand Baraza and his new wife Immaculate also started living a very peaceful life.
According to the recent interview , the families are still living very peaceful lives. They are happily married and both families admitted that they are comfortable and optimistic that they will stay together forever.

Both Christopher and Kevin revealed that they have no any beef with each other, and they thanked God for allowing such a situation to happen because it helped them to find their perfect match.

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