Githaiga Samuel: Prince Mwiti Made Ksh.2 Million From Chira, Alikuwa Anamuuza Kwa Wanaume Huko Mombasa.

Githaiga Samuel has decided to let the cat out of the bag, and exposed what was happening behind the scenes, and why Prince Mwiti and Brian Chira were best close friends.

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This comes after Mwiti exposed Baba Talisha for using Brian Chira as content and also to gain fame. Githaiga who was also a friend to Chira and also all were supporting the rights of the LGBTQ, said that he has full evidence on how Prince Mwiti used to manipulate Brian Chira and sell him to men.

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Speaking via tiktok, Githaiga said that when Chira was alive, Prince Mwiti used to do connections and sell him to gay people in coast region, and as a result he used to make millions of money.

According to Githaiga in the month of February, Mwiti made about ksh.2 Million from selling Brian Chira to men, and he has evidence of everything, and he can even expose it to the public.

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Githaiga defended BabaTalisha and said that if Prince Mwiti continues then he will expose him badly. He said Baba T tried his best and Chira was just buried all now they should just build for his grandmother house.


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