” Baba Talisha You Are A Scammer, Kula Izo Pesa Za Chira Kabisaa” Angry Prince Mwiti .

The After burial drama of Brian Chira has started and as it was predicted, the blame game has begun and Baba Talisha is the one receiving the blames from famous tiktokers.
Yes Brian Chira was laid to rest, and the burial seemed to be interesting on camera, but a good number of tiktokers have come out to blame the planners, led by Baba Talisha, they claim that burial wasn’t even worth ksh.300,000.

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Prince Mwiti who was a very close friend to Brian Chira , said that When Chira was alive, Baba Talisha used him for content, and he has now proved that it is true.
According to Mwiti, Baba Talisha is a scammer, he feels that he has hidden some money for his personal benefit.

People contributed alot of money, that is over ksh.8 Million and Kingroso paid for the burial arrangements, that is ksh.850,000. However according to mwiti the burial wasn’t even past the Ksh.300,000 .

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This comes after Cindy complained of missing food at the burial, and said that the planning of the burial was poor and despite all that money raised, there wasn’t even budget for food.


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