” Get a Room” Kabi Wa Jesus Blast Diana and Bahati For Getting Touchy and Cosy During A Birthday Event.

Kabi Wa Jesus blast Diana and Bahati for getting cosy in public.

The video of Bahati and his wife Diana getting touchy and cosy has gone viral online. The two love birds attended a birthday event in the city and they were accompanied by their two young children Heaven and Majesty.

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It was Millas birthday and among the invites, there were several celebrities, who included; Kabi Wa Jesus and his wife Milly, Terence Creatives, Matubia, Dk Kwenye Beat and many others. The event was awesome and the whole crew seemed to be enjoying the whole vibe.

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However for Bahati and Diana things started getting steamy. The couple started feeling each other, and they decided to go to a space and started hugging as they get touchy and cosy.

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This caught the attention of Kabi Wa Jesus, and he started recording the video, of how the two were moody. Kabi saw it was getting two much and he decided to shout at them in a mocky way, and told them that they should go and get a room.

It is like they were in the mood of wanting to have a thing in the wrong place. They immediately stopped holding each other, but it seemed like Kabi had interfered with their good moment.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.



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