From Preventing Cancer and Diabetes Here are 5 Key Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee.

A number of healthy studies have revealed several times that drinking coffee has a number of healthy benefits to a human body . Most people love taking coffee on cold days and even some prefer taking it in the morning ,and this has alot of benefits to your body.

There was a research that had claimed that drinking alot of coffee may increase chances of being asthmatic , but there is no enough evidence to prove this, and some experts such as Prof Claire Collins from University of Newcastle have urged people to continue taking more coffee because it is beneficial to their health.

There are people who take a cup of coffee daily and there is also a small group of people who take two to three cups in a week. Therefore if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, the the vital advice from Prof Collins is to continue taking  Coffee frequently.

From Preventing Cancer and Diabetes Here are 5 Key Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee.
From Preventing Cancer and Diabetes Here are 5 Key Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee. ( image courtesy of nation media)

There is a previous research that had been done by some experts, that used to suggest, that frequent use of coffee leads to poor heart health. However the research done by experts recently suggested that Coffee can protect the heart.
A group of qualified Scientist from the University of Colorado, did justice by examining the duet and medical records of more than 20,000 people. The comparison to those who don’t take coffee was crazy, they found out that those who take an extra cup of coffee every week, there was 7%  drop in the rusk of heart failure and also there was a drop in stroke risk of about 8%

According to experts, this effects are due to the biologically active compounds in coffee ,which are said to be more than 100.All thr coffee studies are based on observational evidence only. This clearly means that they cant prove 100% that the health of the participants was improved by the drink.

1. Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

This stands out as one of the key health benefits of drinking coffee. It is backed up with a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. Habitual drinking of coffee is very important when it comes to protecting against this condition.

Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and following a healthy diet are the evidence-backed ways of reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. However, studies suggest that habitually drinking coffee could protect against the condition. The scientists  came up with a suggestion that the acids in the coffee are very important in improving blood sugar levels.

2 . Prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s .

Studies and research has revealed that drinking coffee  seems to offer protection  against the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s . Canadian Scientist who came up with this suggestion in 2018, revealed that  this effect is due to compounds  called phenylindanes , and they are produced when the coffee beans are roasted.

3. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a deadly disease globally and it clams millions of lives across the world. However there is a slight relieve after, studies found  out that Liver cancer and Womb cancer, are not common amongst coffee drinkers. There is also a legit evidence that shows that drinking bof coffee can play a huge role in preventing both mouth and skin cancers.
According to Prof Collins, the two phytonutrients that are behind this  effect, are cafestol and kahweol. They have direct cancer protection. In addition to this,  Caffeic acid and chlorogenic acids are also said to help in cancer prevention.

4. Mood and depression

Depression is one of the mental health issues that is greatly faced by the current generation. The mental effects of coffee is well known and once you take it, you will be left feeling more alert , energised and more attentive.It has a very long lasting mental health effects. The studies that was done by Chinese experts , revealed that about 24% of Coffee takers lower risk of depression.

The mental effects of coffee are obvious – you’re left feeling more alert, attentive and energised in the hours after drinking a cup. However, beyond these short-term changes, coffee seems to have long-lasting mental health effects.
This is caused by the caffeine that is found in coffee, which increases the expression of neurotransmitters in brain, and this may include “happy hormone” dopamine. There is also a negative research that show coffee drinking can lead to anxiety and insomnia, though the positive outdo the negative.

5.Weight management and metabolism

Checking on your weight is one of the things a person must consider when they want to live s healthy lifestyle. Coffee may help in boosting the burning of body calories by  activating the brown fat.
According to research, the main purpose of brown fat , which is usually stored around the neck , is to generate  body heat when exposed to cold temperatures and this is successful done by burning calories.
Remember all this key five benefits doesn’t matter whether you take your coffee black or add some milk, the healthy benefits are similar. It is advised to be drinking about 200 mg to 500 mg of coffee daily.

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