Gender Divides: Why Arsenal Women Team is More Successful And Strong Than The Men Team

Arsenal Football Club is one of the biggest football clubs in England; it enjoys the sponsorship of bigger brands in the world, such as Fly Emirates. The club consists of both the men’s and women’s teams. Every team has its own unique history and level of success. However, on social media, the male team enjoys a lot of dominance, and it is very famous as compared to the female team. But when it comes to the feld, the female team has been achieving  very remarkable success.

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Performance Comparison

Arsenal’s women’s team is the most successful in England; as of 2024, the women’s team has won 15 domestic titles and 14 FA cups. On the other hand, the male team has tried; it has won the English Premier League 13 times, the last time being in 2004, and the FA Cup has won 14 times, but it has never won any Champions League Cup. The male team is very competitive, but it struggles to win titles. The female team they are very competitive, and they win titles.

The main reason why the Arsenal women’s team is very successful as compared to the male team.

Management and Coaching

The Arsenal male team has been facing challenges when it comes to management; since the departure of Arsene Wenger, who was also very competitive and struggled to win titles, they have never found a coach who can help them win titles. The current coach, Mikel Arteta, is also a former player of the club and never won a league with them, but has had an exemplary performance for the two seasons Arsenal has been competitive. 2023/2024 season seems to be their season, they are among the favorites to win the English Premier league. The male team has been criticized several times for their inconsistency and lack of direction.

May 5, 2023, is the last time Arsenal women won the trophy. They defeated Chelsea, 3-1, to win the Women’s League Cup, and that was their first trophy since 2019. Under the leadership of Jonas Eldevall, the women’s team has been performing well. He was appointed in 2021, and he succeeded Joe Montemurro. Despite some struggles, the team is performing well, and it is a team that is very promising and capable of winning trophies, The management and coaching departments is doing a very exemplary work as compared to the men’s team.

When it comes to talent development, both teams are doing well, and in fact the Arsenal male team has a very active football academy that has raised talents such as Bukayo Saka, Gnabry, who plays for Bayern Munich, and many others. The other reason why maybe the male team is finding it difficult to win trophies is the intensity of the male premier league, which is very competitive, and it requires a team to be very stable the whole season and also as does the signing of players who have experience.

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