Nursing in the 21st Century: Exploring  5 latest Trends and Dicoveries

The field of nursing has evolved a lot from the 19th Century, to the 21st century, whereby technology is dominating, andthis has come along with a lot of advantages as compared to disadvantages. It is evident that the evolution, of nursing has really helped to save a lot of lives, and it has also made work easier for  new healthcare practitioners.

Here are some of the latest trends and discoveries in the field of nursing.

  1. Increase in Home Healthcare

Since the Covid 19 period, which totally changed the field of nursing, Homecare nursing has  been among the key priorities in this field. It was put in practice and it has proved to be very crucial and  important , especially when it comes to offloading the hospital. Most hospitals are prioritizing homecare. Hence, the patient is given the green light to recover from home and closely monitored by healthcare providers; hence, in case of an emergency, it is solved with an immediate effect.  It is also cheaper and a latest trend that is impressed by many people.

  1. Introduction of Portable Monitors

They started in the 20th century, and in the 21st century, they are more advanced, the portable monitor equipment, allows the nursing professionals to check on the patients, even when they are on the move, or lets say they are busy helping someone else.  Information on vital signs like respiratory rate, oxygen, and ECG is usually transmitted to the central monitor, which means the nurses usually get alarm notifications, in in case of an emergency.

  1. Electronic Health Records.

Most of the trends in nursing are more of adavanced technology, meaning in the future, technology, would have occupied almost 90% of  activities that happen in nursing. In the 21st century, the HER are replacing the older paper filling methods, The electronic Health Recordsm usually allow nursing experts to store and document, all the care that is provided to the patient , and also the retrieval process is easier because it is just a click of the button. They adhere to the HIPAA laws of security and privacy. They give real time health updates, and they can tell the nurses the further steps they need to take for a patient.

4.Telehealth and Apps

This  is actually the latest element in healthcare. In the 21st century, hospitals and clinics usually allows patients to virtually video chat  with a doctor. They can  explain to the physician their symptoms or show them signs such as bumps or rashes. Patients are diagnosed at the comfort of their homes. In case of any further treatment, they are notified. This is the same to the medical applications, applications goes to an extra mile of addressing mental health issues, and  help individuals to understand their mental health. Both apps and telehealth technology give the patients, nurses and doctors more control over the health services.

  1. Wearable devices.

These ones have come along with the new technology. Wearable devices have really transformed the healthcare industry. They greatly help to track heart rates, exercise, respiration, sleep, and many other things. This has been made possible by the increased accessibility of mobile phones, where both patients and nurses can benefit from apps and devices that are crucial for patient care.


The 5 trends are still advancing, and in the coming years they will be more  developed and will have more positive benefits in nursing.


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