10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya

Kenya ranks at number 4 in Africa when it comes to countries with beautiful women, this is according to the research that was done in 2024. Kenyan ladies are just beautiful and sweet soul. The country has over 40 tribes, and all of them have beautiful women, however here are the top 10 tribes in kenya with beautiful women.

10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya
10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya

1. Kamba 

They have been praised several times, and it is a fact that Kamba women are just beautiful. They have very attractive body figures and sweet smiles that is accompanied with natural beauty. Some of the most beautiful celebrities in Kenya come from Kamba tribe and they include, Betty Kyallo, Amberay, Lilian Muli, Kambua and many more others.Imagine a Kamba woman with hair braided into cornrows that make her forehead bulge and a face you can’t help but look at several times.

2. Kikuyu 

They are known for there love for money, but the real fact is that Kikuyu tribe has ladies that have a unique sense of beauty. They usually do pay attention to fashion and they know how to drip, they have very alluring body and shiny foreheads , they are just a game for real.

3. Taita

The coastal tribe, without any doubt , a good number of kenyan men can agree that Taita have the most beautiful ladies. There are several unverified sources that claim that Taita ladies are at the top. They are queen and there beauty is just top notch.

4. Kisii 

When it comes to excellent Body figures, then Kisii ladies are at the top. They are naturally beautiful and have flawless pretty skin. They do have all that it takes to be models. Many models hail from Kisii tribe.

5. Embu 

It is a tribe with very humble ladies that fit to be good wives. Many Embu ladies are brought up well, and they are prepared to be good wives, they are the best to marry.

6. Luhya 

Luhya women are very clean, and they rank when it comes to tribes with most beautiful ladies in Kenya. They are good at decision making and they are taught well how to take care of their husbands. When a luhya woman is in love no one can change her mindset except God the creator.

7. Luo

They have good body shapes and behinds, they are very intelligent, there behinds makes them very adorable and most of melanin beautiful ladies in Kenya hail from this tribe. They are well educated and they do care much about their husbands, and they like to show off their men.

8. Kalenjin

They are underrated but the real fact is that kalenjin ladies are just stunning. They also do know how to preserve themselves because of their culture. They are taught how to be submissive and actually they do make good wives , most of them hail from Rift Valley region.

9. Mijikenda 

Coastal ladies are just a jackpot, Mijikenda women are very smooth and cute. They are good chefs, and they wear decently. They indeed know how to impress men.

10. Meru

Meru women are known for anger issues,  but aside from that, we can all agree that they have a sparkling beauty.Very fantastic smile and nice melons, they are just a hit and they also know how to take care of their husbands.

All the other remaining tribes also have beautiful women, this are just the top ten tribes.

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