Fearless Truthwatchdog Exposes A Police Officer Concerning The Death Of Ogolla.

Truthwatchdog was forced to respond to a viral video, whereby a police officer especially from the Kdf unit, mocked him and dared him to try and investigate the death of CDF Francis Ogolla if indeed he is a real man.

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Watchdog said that the officer must be knowing something crucial about the death of CDF , that is why he is daring him to investigate the death of Ogolla if he is indeed a real man.

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He said that if investigation about the death of CDF through Chopper crash are done, then the starting point should be the officer, because it is like he knows something that other people don’t know hence, he knows why if Watchdog investigates the death, it might lead him into troubles.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

A section of Kenyans online have warned Watchdog not to dig a deep dive into the case of Ogolla, they feel that it is very risky and sometimes cases linked to senior government officials are always very tricky and might land someone into serious troubles.

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