” Nikikuona Naskia Utamu na Ny*ge Zinapanda” Chokuu Confesses His Love For Pastor Kanyari.

Pastor Kanyari who is gaining alot of fame on Tiktok and becoming a more relevant man of God on the platform, found himself on the same live with the famous Kenyan LGBTQ activist based in Germany Chokuu.

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This was one of the most hilarious lives, because the courage of Chokuu was just on another level. He started by talking nasty and later had some chat with Kanyari.

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When the man of God wanted to follow him back, Chokuu told him not to do so, because his content is nasty and it will just ruin his day as the man of God.
It was a short live, but what was shocking is that all that time Kanyari didn’t know Chokuu is a man. After dismissing him from live, is when he was told he is a man.

“I Will Pray and Make Him a Pastor” Pastor Kanyari on a Mission to Save Chokuu.

Kanyari was shocked and said that everyday he will be praying for Chokuu, and his mission now is to pray for him and make him a pastor. He said it is possible and very soon Chokuu will be a pastor .

Here is the link.

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