George Kuria: A Single Father Struggling to Raise His Triplets Alone

The story of George Kuria A single father who is struggling to raise his triplets alone.

The story of George Kuria, A single father struggling to raise his triplets alone has gone viral. It is indeed a very heartbreaking story, because the man is poor and the conditions in which, the children are being raised is just pathetic and worrying.

A Father Struggling to raise his triplets alone
George Kuria: father struggling to raise his triplets alone/courtesy

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English. George Kuria said that he was forced to raise, his triplets alone because, after birth their mother developed some backbone issues. The toddlers are just 4 months all, and it is just very hard to take care of them without their mother.

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Due to poverty, George who is a single father who is struggling to raise triplets, decided to start giving them porridge yet they are still very young. He can’t afford milk , and the only other food he can afford is potatoes from his farm.

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The house in which the young kids are living is just pathetic. It is a mud thatched house with alot of openings,and being a rainy season, the children are at risk of contracting pneumonia.

George Kuria now plays the role of a mother and father. Her wife is still under critical condition and doctors are still trying to save her life. Kuria washes dishes, clothes and all other things. He has to balance between farm work and taking care of the triplets. It is a very difficult task.

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He said that he even doesn’t know what they will eat because the potatoes in his farm are almost finished. He is jobless and to make the matter worse, the pathetic house they are living in doesn’t belong to him. George is urging Kenyans of good will to support him and he will be very thankful.

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