Mudavadi and Gachagua on War as Ruto’s Latest Directive Could Cause More Harm to Kenya Kwanza.

Mudavadi and Gachagua on war.

Mudavadi and Gachagua on war, the two seem to be in a silent political war. Ruto is really having a difficult time to balance the powers between the two. Gachagua is automatically the deputy president but something seems not to be right.

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Rigathi was supposed to automatically occupy the deputy president office situated st Harambee house. Mudavadi was promised a prime secretary job was supposed to be given another office by the president.

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However in the latest directive by William Ruto, Mudavadi is now occupying the deputy president’s office. Currently Gachagua has no office, but Ruto hinted that he will give him one of the president’s office.

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Meanwhile according to the information obtained from Taifa leo newspaper, it has been reported that Mudavadi and Gachagua are on war.The deputy president is uncomfortable when, Mudavadi is given the office he was supposed to occupy.

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This isn’t the first time Mudavadi and Rigathi are battling for powers. It is a continuation of what happened back in may 2022. Musalia team did not want Gachagua to be appointed as the deputy president. So this time round the difficult job is balancing the roles of the two in government.

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