” Ezekiel is Misleading Christian, He is Serving The Devil” Kitale Based Pastor Claims.

Kitale based Pastor decided to choose a spiritual war with the famous Pastor Ezekiel Odero. It seems to be a war between a pastor and a pastor, something that shows a very bad image of the church and shows also a total confusion amongst the preachers.

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The Kitale based pastor said that Ezekiel is Misleading Christians and according to him, he is serving the fallen angel who is an agent of Satan. The pastor claimed that the gospel of God is not supposed to be associated with things such as water and handkerchiefs.

The pastor said that he is the one who has been sent by God to fight Pastor Ezekiel and make sure he is going down. He said that God is angry that Ezekiel is Misleading his people and according to him he feels it is time for Ezekiel to be fought.

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The pastor claimed that the dark powers that allegedly Ezekiel has have confused his followers and they can’t see the truth. He said that he is on an mission and he will make sure that Ezekiel Odero is down and his spirits have no energy again.
It is a spiritual war, and we were able to obtain the footage of the pastor promising to fight Ezekiel.
Here is the video.

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