How  We Went To Be A Perfect Couple Despite Predators Being Our  Source Of Wrangles.

We had dated together with Agnes for a period of 3 years and we all have ambitions together in life that some days we would be a couple and happily in a marriage. Dating life was such a good thing since it gave us the chance of knowing each other’s behavior, likes and dislike at a large extent. Agnes was really a hot beautiful lady where everyman wished to have in life as she just but a princess in the make. As always people say good things have a slight abnormality as I witnessed in our dating life, Agnes was not an exception especially when I refer to this cliché phrase.

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Agnes was a teacher and I was a communication strategist in a private organization in Nairobi city. I used to spend thousands of money  on Agnes wants such as expensive clothing, nice feeding especially in five star hotels and we could at some point hang out in the coast for holiday vacation.

After sometimes I realized that Agnes was actually a play girl. She had some guy who was a pilot just by the city. I had enough evidence when one day I happened go through her phone call as one day she had went for a shower. The guy had informed Agnes that just after I leave the house she was to alert him for him to come.

In the messages, Agnes had replied she rarely loved me and that I was the one who really forced me to her furthermore she had told the pilot guy that that the following day she was going to make love to him up to the brim. I did not caution her of the text messages for I knew one day I would get all the information by my sight it was just a matter of time. I told myself if one day I was to find the guy it would be a wrestling ground keeping in mind all the investments I had with Agnes.

One day I came from work and I went direct to my lover’s house. Everything was abnormal since I met the pilot guy having some fun with Agnes. It really gave me some deep thought. Luckily the guy jumped by the window and we were left the two of us. I punched Agnes severally and she was really in agony. After a while I realized she was really in a galloping breath like a person who was almost dying. I rushed her in my vehicle ready to take off to the nearby medical facility. I was now in two limbo situations one being Agnes was really playing me and the other was now I had caused harm on Agnes and now the law was to take its course.

Things were actually tougher on my side for I knew if Agnes recovered any time soon, she would have recorded a statement and the next move I was to be arraigned in a court of law for the CCTVs in the house were enough evidence to jail me at a glance. I met Jeff and shared my story to him. He referred me to Kiwanga doctors and the next day I was at their offices ready to be attended to.

That time I had left Agnes in hospital due to the beating. I was attended to by doctor Kiwanga and assured my love triangle was to end within that day plus I wanted protection not to be arrested. The next day I went back to hospital and Agnes was being discharged from the facility. When we reached home, she surprisingly apologized I was really in shock since the beating was a nasty one.

She added that I was the love of his life despite the situation that had happened before and time had come to forget. I knew well Kiwanga doctors magic was really at work. Since that day we lived happily and later had a colorful wedding where we were officially crowned as husband and wife. I really wish to applause Kiwanga doctors for there are the real deal herbalists in town. Any person with same love triangles should make a point of visiting them.

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