“Utalia Kijana” Andrew Kibe Predicts Breakup Between Khalif Kairo and His New Girlfriend.

The most controversial kenyan celebrity and content creator, Andrew Kibe is back to what he was known for, while he was in USA. Kibe got himself on the trending after he successfully predicted the breakups between celebrities and unfortunately they came to pass.

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Speaking via his live podcast, Andrew Kibe decided to open up on the relationship between Khalif Kairo and his new girlfriend Cera. The two have been the talk of the town and it is a couple that many people have been admiring, they have been trending on twitter and it is clear that they are deeply in love.

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Kibe said that Khalif Kairo was targeted, and unfortunately he didn’t know that he was the target. According to Kibe the relationship between Kairo and Cera just like others, it will end in premium tears, and he will see dust.
He said that he is not against Kairo but the truth is that he knows how women manipulate men, and very soon, the story will be different. Kairo should expect dust at the end, this is according to Andrew Kibe.

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