“I Wanted Diamond Platnumz to Impregnant Me, I Really Miss Him” Hawa Nitarejea Says.

Diamond platnumz's ex girlfriend Hawa opens up on her relationship with him

Diamond platnumz’s ex girlfriend Hawa famous known for ‘Nitarejea’ song, which Diamond Platnumz featured her, has come out openly to speak about her relationship with the Wasafi Record Label CEO.

Hawa and Diamond Platnumz
Hawa and Diamond Platnumz ( courtesy).

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Speaking in an interview with Wasafi Fm, Hawa revealed that her and Diamond Platnumz dated for quite along time. She said that Diamond was a very good boyfriend and they had a very happy relationship.

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According to her it is one of the best relationship she has ever been into. They used to sing together, have some good moments together and everything was just flowing on smoothly.

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Hawa revealed that she was ready to get pregnant for Diamond and be a mother to his children. She said she had already fantasized future with him and she was optimistic that things will work out.

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Unfortunately things didn’t work out as expected and their relationship ended in premium tears. Hawa admitted that she still miss Diamond Platnumz, but she healed from the heartbreak and moved on with life .

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The list of women Diamond Platnumz has dated is long, after parting ways with Hawa, he went on and started dating Wema Sepetu. Things also didn’t work out.

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Some of the famous ladies Diamond has dated are: Hamisa Mobetto, Tanasha,Tunda, Zari, Wolper  and many more others.

All his relationships have always ended up in premium tears. Currently there are allegations that he is dating Wasafi Signee Zuchu.

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