Dj Slahver: How I Was Conned Ksh.10 Million and How It Led To Breakup With Nicah The Queen.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan disc jockey, Dj Slahver, finally decided to come clean and open up on his break up with Jesus Girl well known as Nicah the Queen.

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Speaking in an interview with Spm Buzz, Slahver said that his breakup with Nicah has been God’s plan, and it is for self growth, because when they were together, there brands were going down.

The Dj said that, problems begun in 2022 may, when he was conned almost ksh.10 Million with his business associate. Slahver said that he was among the people who were planning for the Chris Brown event.

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Chris Brown had said that for him to perform in Kenya he has to be paid ksh.80 Million. Slahver and his 2partners came into a deal, and the guy who was in USA said that he will pay 60% of the event and Slahver and the other guy 40%.

The 40%, they were to raise ksh.10 Million each, and Slahver even quit his job, tried to raise the money, but the partner who he gave the money, was a con and he disappeared with the money.
He left Slahver with huge debts that he is still paying till today ( 2023). That is when financial struggles begun. Nicah became an understanding girlfriend.

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She was there for him during this difficult times, and she even used to pay house rent .

However as time goes on things kept getting worse, and in August they broke up for like 2 weeks but reunited. The financial struggle continued and they decided to call it a quit in October 2023. They decided to work on themselves, and Nicah was also tired on handling huge bills alone.

Slahver said that they still talk, but for him to reunite with Nicah, he must make sure he is financially stable, and this will take time, meaning it will depend on God’s fate, and Gods plan in their lives will determine whether they will reunite or no.

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