Director Trevor: We 1st Met On A Photoshoot Session and It Took Eve 2days Kunipea Mechi.

How Trevor and Mungai Eve Met

The relationship between Director Trevor and Mungai Eve reached its final destination and the previous videos of the two have been circulating online. As usual the internet never forgets and everything a person shares online, is most likely to be used against them in future.

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A previous video of Eve Mungai and Director Trevor revealing how they met on an interview with Oga Obinna during the famous Kulacooler show has emerged online.
In the video which happened in 2022 there, Eve and Trevor revealed that they met on a photoshoot session, and Trevor was the first one to shoot a shot. He had a crush on her and told her best friend that he can get intimate with Eve.

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One thing led to another, the two met, but they were both dating. Eve was in a relationship and Trevor was also in a relationship. However both their partners were toxic.

Even before making it clear that they are dating, Director Trevor said that the two had already started getting intimate. He even said live on camera during the interview that he almost had a taste of Eve on the first day, but Eve refused.
However on the second day it went down, and that is how the two started bonding.

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They decided to give relationship a chance as they hustle together. That time Eve used to sell belt and Trevor was a photographer.

Their relationship sailed very well, they grew rich together, bought a car and even an apartment. Started getting endorsement deals, then boom, the unexpected happened. The relationship hit the rock bottom and the two decided to part ways, in what seems to be a very painful breakup.

Click the link to watch full video on YouTube.

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