Diamond platnumz’s Hairstylist: “Diamond Hunilipa ksh.142, 000 Kwa Kumsuka Nywele”.

Diamond platnumz's Hairstylist reveals the amount of money the singer pays him for plaiting his hair.

Diamond platnumz’s Hairstylist has finally revealed the huge amount of money she is usually paid, after plaiting the artists hair. Remember Diamond is among the artists in East Africa , who always appear in public with dope hairstyles.

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Diamond platnumz's Hairstylist
Diamond platnumz’s Hairstylist plaiting his hair/courtesy

Speaking in an interview with one of the online media’s in Tanzania. Diamond platnumz’s Hairstylist,who is a lady said  that she is a personal hairstylist of the singer. She usually plait his hair twice per month. The lady said that , per hairstyle  Diamond usually pays her Tsh.3Million , which is ksh.142,000.

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” Mimi ndio huwa namsuka Diamond platnumz nywele. Hizo vidude nata locks nyinyi huona ,hio ni kazi yangu. Yeye hunilipa vizuri .Huwa ananilipa milioni tatu za Kitanzania. Yeye husuka mara mbili kwa mwezi na kila session ni milioni tatu” The lady said.

This is a very huge amount of money, indeed Diamond platnumz is very rich. He has set standards for all East African musician.And everything he does he is always ready to spent alot of money so that he gets a legit thing. His hairstyles are always charming . We have even seen some Kenyan artists copying him.

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