Dem wa Facebook: Peter Salasya is My Type, Akiniomba Mechi Nampea Bila Kufikiria Hata.

Dem wa Facebook is getting too much, she keeps own changing her crush , and she has been confessing het feelings to several celebrities in Kenya starting with Khaligraph Jones, Andrew Kibe, Rapudo, Chesang, and now she has a very huge crush on Mumias East MP , Peter Salasya.

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Speaking on an online media interview, the funny and controversial comedian, said that she had just met Salasya face on face, and he is indeed a very cute man.

She said that he is the man with a taste she has been looking in men. He is her type and the only thing he is missing is a wife, and she is ready to be a wife to Peter Salasya.

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Dem wa Facebook said that she is ready to get intimate with the member of parliament and have a child with him. She feels that he is a responsible man, and the two can make a very good couple if they decide to get married.

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In addition to this she said that she is still very pure, she has never had intimacy with any man, so if Salasya agrees to marry her, then he will enjoying breaking her purity and having such a cute woman who will always take care of him.

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Dem wa Facebook went on an said publicly that she will confess her feelings for Salasya and urge the member of parliament to just give her a chance in his life so that they can start a family together.

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