Biography of Babu Owino: From a Chang’aa Seller to Embakasi East MP.

How Babu Owino rose From a Chang'aa Seller to a famous politician

The Biography of Babu Owino is very Inspiring . He is a true definition of hardwork pays and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. He rose from a Chang’aa Seller in the slums of Nyalenda to Embakasi East Member of parliament.

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Biography of Babu Owino.


Paul Ongili was born in 1989 in Nyalenda Kisumu County.his father died in his childhood. Paul’s mother was a local brew seller in the city. He faced several hardships in his life.

Selling Local Brew(Chang’aa ).

Babu used to help her mother to sell Local brew (Chang’aa), so that he can raise school fees , and a some basic needs. His family background was poor , they were among the peasants in the society.


He attended Kisumu Township Primary School. Babu passed with flying colours and secured a chance at Kisumu Boys High School.He passed KCSE scoring an A. Due to fund issues, he was unable to be at Moi University. He rejected the option of Egerton University.

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The bright Babu Owino joined University of Nairobi and here he managed to graduate with a degree from Actuarial science. Aside from That Babu Has order Degrees , Masters and Diplomas.

Academic Qualifications of Babu Owino

The politician has 4 degrees.First-class Honors in Actuarial science, Second Class Upper Division in LLB Law, and 2 master’s degrees and 7 Diplomas .( Diploma in pure mathematics, Diploma in law, Diploma in statistics , chemistry, mechanics , Accounting and Applied sciences).

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Political Journey.

At Nairobi University he was the leader of Students Union (SONU). He started gaining fame here and in 2013 after completing university education he joined kenyan politics. He lost Westlands MP seat to Tim Wanyonyi.
However in 2017 , he successfully won the Embakasi East Member of parliament seat and defended it in 2022. He is among the famous young politicians in Kenya. Most  Influential politician in Azimio la Umoja and ODM.

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Becoming a Millionaire

Aside from politics , Babu Owino is very wealthy and he is estimated to be  $1.2 Million. That is about ksh. 1.2 Billion.  He is a business man , and owns several business premises in the city.


Babu Owino is married to Fridah Muthoni Owino and they have two children. The wife is beautiful and intelligent . That is all about Biography of Babu Owino.

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