BodaBoda Rider Who Has Been Raping His Female Passengers Has Finally Been Arrested

BodaBoda Riders Assaulting Ladies

(Image, Courtesy of DCI Facebook).

DCI police officers from Ngong have finally arrested the BodaBoda rider whom it was reported that he took advantage of a female foreign passenger who was heading to Kajiado and raped her.

Reports from the DCI team have revealed that the suspect who is identified as Patris Onsongo, is a BodaBoda operator along Ngong Road, and he allegedly raped the woman at the Bomas forest before fleeing away with the motorbike.

The victim whose name is disclosed due to security issues has revealed that she was shocked, when the suspect, made a turn and started heading to the bush, and because he seemed to be energetic, he took advantage of her and raped her.

The lady managed to report the incident at the nearest police station for more investigation and questioning over the incident. After validating everything the police together with the DCI started searching for the suspect and he was finally arrested few hours after the incident.

It is a very unfortunate incident, and Kenyans on social media have reacted and urged the inspector general together with all the police unit and DCI to carry out investigation and find out how many ladies he has raped and also the team he has been operating with.

This is another big shame to the BodaBoda sector and it comes just few weeks after another foreign woman was assaulted by the BodaBoda riders along Forest Road in Nairobi. The sector must be sanitised very well, it seems there are still goons who are trying to turnish the name of the BodaBoda sector in Kenya.

Attacks on women are increasing and the government must do something because things are getting out of control. The incidents are instilling fear among ladies and very soon BodaBoda riders might only be capable of carrying the male passengers only because of fear. Lets together fight against the assault of our ladies and end this behaviour completely.

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