” Chira’s Shosh Is a Lier, They Rejected Him Because Alikuwa na Ukimwi” Prince Mwiti Exposes Shosh Badly.

Finally the mouthpiece and 411 slogan creator and one of the best friends of Brian Chira, Prince Mwiti decided to come out and let the cat out of the bag. This is after Brian Chira’s shosh publicly exposed Baba Talisha of squandering the money that was contributed by the public for Chira and his family.

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Prince Mwiti who was a close friend of Chira, said that he expected this to happen, because he knew Shosh very well, and Brian Chira had also opened up to him about his shosh and their relationship.
Mwiti said that Shosh changed the tune after Ksh.8 Million was raised by tiktokers, but deep down she didn’t love Chira. That is among the reasons why after the death of Chira, he looked for elders to go and cleanse the compound.

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The reason for cleansing was because Chira was a member of the LGBTQ society, and she did that because she didn’t love Chira the way he was.
Mwiti also revealed that When Chira came out of the closest and revealed that he was HIV positive, he was rejected by his own people, and this made him to become alcoholic. He became an alcohol addict because of the family and alcohol was his only true friend.

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