” Alikuwa Anataka Eyebrows Za 30,000″ Baba Talisha Badly Exposes Chira’s Shosh.

The online drama between Baba Talisha and Chira’s Shosh is just something crazy and all this is caused by the Ksh.8 Millions Kenyans contributed to support Chira’s family, and atleast help his shosh to continue living a lavish lifestyle, that her grandson once promised her.

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Shosh came online to expose Baba Talisha claiming that he was the one controlling all the money, and he even took her phone and returned it after 3 weeks.

However while reading the accountability, Baba Talisha decided to clarify everything, and there was a part that people wanted clarification, and that was the grooming part. Here Baba Talisha said that they spend ksh.165,000.

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According to Baba Talisha the money belonged to Shosh so they used to buy what she wanted. It is now emerging that Shosh wanted eyebrows that are worth ksh.30,000 and a very expensive wig. The grooming budget could have even reached  ksh.500000, according to Baba Talisha.

They had to cut somethings and reduced the budget to 165,000, and initial plan was not to use more than 100,000 on grooming but they were working with the budget of shosh.

Here is the link.

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