” I’m A Highschool Student” The Man Who Hacked Kabarak University Facebook Page Says.

Kabarak University Facebook Page Hacked.

Kabarak University Facebook Page was hacked by a hacker who claims to be from a certain highschool that is based in Indonesia.The hacker took over the control of the institutions page and started posting some weird posts, that aren’t related to academics.

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Through one of his posts, he challenged the whole institution of Kabarak to reclaim their page if they can. He said that he was just having fun and he decided to hack the page and have fun with it.

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While concluding his post, the hacker said that he is from an IT based school from Indonesia and he is a highschooler.

“I will not return this account, but I challenge all of you to reclaim this account immediately
-regards a student from one of Jakarta’s IT-based high schools” He posted.

The efforts of Kabarak University IT department to reclaim the page for the past 3 days have failed terribly, it seems like the hacker has protected the page with very strong firewalls that can’t be easily cracked.

Kabarak University Facebook Page Hacked
Kabarak University Facebook Page Hacked

He also urged the institution to pay him a sum of $500, which is equivalent to ksh.68,000, so that he can return the page. According to him, that is just a small amount of money, and a big institution like Kabarak can afford it.

The university is yet to respond, and it is like its IT team is still trying their level best to retrieve their official verified Facebook page.

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