Carol Sonnie: I Told Keilah HerFather Mulamwah Died Long Time Ago Over A Train Accident.

Carrol Sonnie vs Mulamwah

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie beef has resurfaced online again. The two former love birds are again engaging in a verbal war online, that has fuelled alot of reactions from netizens.

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It all started by Mulamwah hitting out at Carol Sonnie with a toxic baby daddy challenge. Mulamwah confessed that he only sees his daughter online. He confessed alot of things that were mostly directed to Carol.

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Carol decided to revenge with a toxic baby daddy challenge , she really dusted Mulamwah and this was an epic comeback. Carol revealed that she is a toxic baby mama, because she told Keilah that her father died over a train accident. He used to work at railway construction sites and he was involved in an accident.

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This seemed to be a more personal joke, but Carroll went on and insisted that Mulamwah will continue seeing baby Keilah online. She said that Mulamwah can’t do without her, he only depends on her for his content to go viral. Mulamwah and Carrol seems not to have moved on, and it is evident through their online beefs.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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