Carroll Sonnie: Mulamwah Still Texts Me With Pseudo Account ConfessingThat He Is Missing Me.

Carol sonnie exposes Mulamwah

The verbal war between Mulamwah and his baby mama Carrol Sonnie is getting steamy online, and the two have again started to bash each other online. This comes after Mulamwah did a Baby Daddy challenge, and he directly hitted at Carroll Sonnie.

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Mulamwah said that Carroll has denied him to see her child Keilah. He said alot of things which were directed to Carol. Carol decided to fireback with a toxic baby mama challenge. She literally hitted at Mulamwah.

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Carroll said that Mulamwah usually texts her with pseudo account , and he always confess that he is missing her. However for her what she does is just blocking the pseudo account. That is how toxic she is.
She revealed alot of things, she continued to insist that Mulamwah will remain to see Keilah online, he will never see her face on face.

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Carol made the challenge so shocking after she admitted that she told Keilah that her dad died along time ago. He used to work at train station and was involved in a train accident. That was so sensitive , it seems like the two are still bitter with each other and are finding it hard to move on.

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